This ACT program follows the recommendations of the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) for content of the nine core courses in RCR training. Each course covers their recommended content and have case studies relating to various program areas of the National Science Foundation (NSF); such as social science, education or engineering. Course titles are as follows;

R101 - Data Acquisition, Management, Sharing and Ownership

R102 - Collaborative Science

R103 - Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

R104 - Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship

R105 - The Purpose of Peer Review

R106 - Research Misconduct

R107 - Mentor /Trainee Relationship

R108 - Research Involving Human Subjects

R109 - Research Involving Animals

R100 - Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research - Refresher

Theses courses are validated accessible and comply with Section 508 and W3C requirements.












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